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Bangalow House

Bangalow, Australia

Sona Studio cgi

Set on the hills of Bangalow town, overlooking the Byron Shire valley, this project was about designing a house for a family.

This single-storey house is elegantly nestled on the site slope, opening to the valley and the main lookout, while surrounding the internal private courtyard, and therefore provide the required privacy to the main street.

Two main volumes run east-west on the south side of the site the living, kitchen and dining open to the northern light to maximise solar access, while along the northern boundary the private rooms shield against the neighbours overlooks. These volumes are perpendicularly interconnected by the detached studio, the main entry in the centre and the open carpark.

Maintaining the connection with the garden and outdoors throughout the project was the main objective, the courtyard becomes the heart of the house, the "non-space" becomes space. Privacy and visual connection have been key elements for the layout as well, where the kids rooms open directly to the garden and therefore are visually connected to the living spaces, while the main bedroom is completely separated

This project is a great example of how an indoor/outdoor central courtyard approach layout benefits the site, maximise solar access and ensure privacy to the surrounding area.

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