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Koda Cutters Hair Salon

Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia
Koda Cutters is a Bondi salon with an elegant, pared back interior. For this client-focussed business, the use of timber, brass, onyx and flowing orange fabric soften the space and offer a chic and stylish oasis. The result is an environment that is effortlessly cool, invitingly sophisticated and full of subtle details.

A decision was made to separate the salon so clients could transition to different environments catering to different hair treatments. A curved white wall masks the utility rooms and is the backdrop to the main shopfront. An arched entry delineates the next room in which a concrete finish outlines the space. Privacy is achieved where required with a unique, brightly coloured curtain that hangs against the gradient frosted glazing.

Materials like ceramic, concrete and glass were selected for their durability in areas of heavy use. Onyx, brass and timber softened by the white curved wall feature in the exposed retail section.

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